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Hi, I'm shawn malangyaon

Whether it be Horror, Comedy, Action, etc., my favorite films were the ones that took me on an emotional journey. The ones that brought me joy and comfort, and even the ones that broke my heart. It's magical to me how a sequence of images could create such an experience for someone.
These feelings are why visual storytelling became one of my deepest passions. They inspire me to want to create those experiences for others, and at the end of 2019, I picked up a camera, and haven't put it down since.
Now, I've completed my Bachelor's Degree in Film Studies and work as a full-time Cinematographer and Photographer in the DMV area. I've created my own award-winning short Documentary, Tri-Hard, and have won awards for my DP work on several other projects. I've also captured hundreds of live events, weddings, corporate videos, etc., and worked with organizations such as Red Bull, The World Bank Group, Yes Theory, and many more.
I believe that visual storytelling through film and photo has the potential to impact lives. It has the power to influence how we view ourselves and the world around us, and it allows me to create those emotional experiences that once inspired me, for others.
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